January 2, 2007

Resolve to Change Your Life in 2007

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Diet Resolution Week (January 1-7th)

Start the year off right by eating light with every bite!

How many of us make a resolution to either lose weight or get on a more healthy diet? Statistics indicate that a full 90% of us have such good intentions for the new year. There are many nutritional and tasty options that you can find online, in books and magazines @ your library. Check out the new items on the ‘health menu’ and more:




What to eat : the ten things you really need to know to eat well and be healthy! / Luise Light

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Call number: RA784 .L546 2006

A research-based alternative to the USDA’s food guide that cuts through the confusion of fad diets and big fowhat-to-eat.gifod lobbies What should I eat?” If you’re a health-conscious consumer, this is one of the hardest questions you face. Now this no-nonsense nutrition guide from former USDA nutrition director Luise Light offers a basic, balanced, and user-friendly food plan that cuts through the confusion and controversy of the latest fad diets, federal guidelines, and big food lobbies. Its ten simple rules are also adapted for a wide variety of nutritional needs–including weight loss, fibromyalgia, diabetes, and gastrointestinal disorders. (From the publisher McGraw-Hill Companies)

Fitness and Health / Brian J. Sharkey

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Call number: RA781 .S527 2007

Fitness and Health explains in plain English how the body responds to physical activity, why physical activity isfitness.gif so important to health, and how best to become physically active. You’ll learn how to create programs to improve your aerobic fitness; increase your muscular strength, endurance, and flexibility; control your diet and weight; and improve your performance at work and in sports. With more than 100,000 copies sold, this classic reference (formerly titled Physiology of Fitness) is your source for accurate and insightful information. Now updated and redesigned, this comprehensive text will show you how to improve and maintain your health through regular and enjoyable physical activity. (From the publisher Human Kinetics Publishers)

Age-Defying Fitness: Making the Most of Your Body for the Rest of Your Life / Carole Lewis

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Groage.gifwing older does not mean accepting diminished fitness. Two of the nation’s top physical therapists show how to assess your fitness levels and create a specific profile to achieve optimum physical health.
There is no doubt that our bodies change with age, as the baby boomer generation is now learning firsthand. But many of the problems attributed to inevitable age-related changes are in fact not inevitable and are often lifestyle induced and reversible. Read the rest of this entry »

The Feel-Good Diet / Hart Cheryle

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Call Number: RM222.2 .H255 2007

Dieting doesn’t have to make you miserable anymore!

feel-good-diet.jpegAccording to the Mayo Clinic, two thirds of all dieters quit after three months. Why? Because most diets deplete the brain’s neurotransmitters, resulting in the low energy, moodiness, and cravings that sabotage weight-loss success. The authors call it yo-yo brain, a hormone imbalance that affects women most severely. The Feel Good Diet is a unique eating plan that actually restores the balance of these brain hormones and makes it possible for you to battle cravings and shed pounds–while renewing your energy and zest for life. Read the rest of this entry »

Eating, Drinking, Overthinking: The Toxic Triangle of Food, Alcohol, and Depression–and How Women Can Break Free / Susan Nolen-Hoeksema

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Call number: RC451.4 .W6N64 2006

Neating.gifolen-Hoeksema presents a theory that women who battle eating disorders, alcohol abuse and depression are really suffering from a single disorder for which she has coined the term “toxic triangle.” The author claims to be among the first to recognize this (most experts, she says, choose one as the cause of the other two), but doesn’t offer anything beyond her own observations as proof that this is true. The book’s main strength is its excellent exploration of the impact of all three problems, individually and collectively, on women’s lives. Eating disorders, alcohol abuse and depression affect women’s relationships, careers, health and put them at risk for assault. Read the rest of this entry »

January 1, 2007

Whose Child Is This? DVD

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Tracking number: 679GE

Genefertility.jpgtic and fertility technologies have far outdistanced society’s ability to deal with the consequences. Now that fertilization can occur outside the human body from “component” parts—egg and sperm—how does society deal with the ramifications of children having different, and perhaps unknown, biological and social parents? This program examines the emerging questions of parental ownership and responsibility with Dr. Howard Jones, a pioneer of in vitro fertilization in the U.S.; Elizabeth Bartholet of Harvard Univ. Law School; and George Annas, professor of health law at Boston University. (29 minutes) (From the publisher Films for the Humanities & Sciences)

Pathways to Lifelong Learning: Technology in the Classroom Video & DVD

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Tracking number: 15PD & 16PD

Helps teachers integrate technology into their classrooms while identifying the advantpathway.jpgages of using computers and technology as teaching and learning tools. Connect with real-world resources to provide students with concrete learning examples and life skills training. This series encourages educators to reflect on their teaching methods, looking beyond the classroom for tools to help them build innovative lesson plans, alternative assessments, and unique learning experiences. Interviews with teachers, education specialists, parents, and professionals outline ideas for creating life skills learning opportunities, giving educators valuable practical applications for their lessons and classes. (from www.clearvue.com)

Lifting the Lid: How Computers Work DVD

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Call number: QA 76.5 .L54 2002

Most cocomputer.jpgmputer users are familiar with terms such as chips, hard drives, and RAM, but what exactly is a chip and what does it do? What does a hard drive look like and how does it work? With helpful graphics and a lively presentation, this informative, entertaining program goes inside today’s typical computer to look at the functions of its main components. Close-up visuals show the inner workings of the hard disc drive, while clever demonstrations make concepts such as memory, binary coding, and RAM easy to understand. Convenient summaries follow each section of new material. One 32-minute video. (From the publisher: Films for the Humanities & Sciences)

E-Mail Etiquette DVD

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Tracking number: 59C

There is little doubt that e-mail is an extremely useful innovation that has changed, and continueemail.jpgs to change, the way we communicate. However, the fact that e-mail is different from both voice- and paper-based communication can be a source of frustration for many people. This program gives viewers an understanding of the conventions that have been developed by e-mail users over the years to facilitate effective communication. In addition, the video exposes many of the myths that exist regarding such issues as e-mail privacy, and warns of possible dangers when using e-mail. Read the rest of this entry »

The “In” Crowd and Social Cruelty DVD

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Call number: HQ 799.2 .P44 I6 2002

What does it take to be popular? Quite often it has nothing to do with being nice. In this ABC News special, correspondent John Stossel visits middle anin1.jpgd high schools to discover why kids dish out abuse, why they take it, and what parents and school administrators can do to make it better. He also visits schools with successful anti-bullying programs. Discussions with students, as well as with psychologist Michael Thompson, author of Best Friends, Worst Enemies, reveal a number of factors that cause popularity or unpopularity among children, adolescents, and even adults. (41 minutes) (From the publisher Films for the Humanities & Sciences)

Cinnamon Sky / Janet Woods

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Call number: FIC WOO

A histwoods.giforical romance set in 19th century Dorset – The orphaned Patterson sisters have lived in the Earl of Longmore’s house since they were children. When the Earl dies, the estate passes to one Kynan Trent, who is astonished to find himself responsible for five lively young women. Alexis, the eldest, soon finds herself at loggerheads with the dangerously attractive new landlord. Meanwhile, her sisters search for the legendary treasure believed to be hidden on the estate. If they can find the treasure, their fortunes will be restored . (From the Publisher: Severn House Publishers)

Speak of the Devil / Richard Hawke

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Call number: FIC HAW

“From first line to last, Speak of the Devil moves with a rare combination of intrigue anddevil.gif intensity. Its engine runs on high octane adrenalin. Richard Hawke delivers a winner.”
–Michael ConnellyIt’s a beautiful Thanksgiving morning in New York City. Perfect day for a parade, and Fritz Malone just happens to have drifted up Central Park West to take a look at the floats. Across the crowd-filled street he sees a gunman on a low wall, taking aim with a shiny black Beretta. Seconds later, the air is filled with bullets and blood. Read the rest of this entry »

A Single Eye / Susan Dunlap

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Call number: FIC DUN

After asingle.gif terrifying stunt gone wrong leaves her plummeting into the tops of forest trees, a shaken Darcy Lott is dispatched by her Zen master to a remote monastery in California’s redwood forest to face her worst fear — but also to deliver a message. This monastery has its own secrets. A student has disappeared and is feared dead. The leader of the monastery, Leo, Garson-roshi, is soon to leave under mysterious circumstances, and Darcy fears that trusting the likeable Leo will lead her into further danger. Read the rest of this entry »

The Sidewalk Artist / Gina Buonaguro

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Call number: FIC BUO

Wsidewalk.gifhile in Europe researching her next novel, twenty-something American Tulia Rosa falls headlong into a romance with a handsome sidewalk artist. As he takes her on a tour of Europe’s artistic treasures, she begins writing the story of the painter Raphael and his secret lover. Yet as her own affair grows deeper, Tulia’s sidewalk artist grows more mysterious. Why does he seem so familiar? And what is his connection to the great Renaissance painter?
Set in Paris and Italy, this lyrical first novel interweaves two parallel love stories, offering readers a unique view on the research and inspiration that goes into creating historical novels such as The Girl with the Pearl Earring and The Birth of Venus. (From the Publisher: St. Martin’s Press)

Hannibal Rising: A Novel / Thomas Harris

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Call number: FIC HAR

Hannibal Lecter emerges from the nightmare of the Eastern Front, a boy in the snow, hannibal.gifmute, with a chain around his neck.

He seems utterly alone, but he has brought his demons with him.

Hannibal’s uncle, a noted painter, finds him in a Soviet orphanage and brings him to France, where Hannibal will live with his uncle and his uncle’s beautiful and exotic wife, Lady Murasaki. Read the rest of this entry »

Shadow Dance: A Novel / Julie Garwood

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Call number: FIC GAR

The eashadow.gifgerly anticipated novel from the #1 New York Times bestselling author who sets the standards for romance. For years fans have clamored for a book starring beloved recurring characters Jordan Buchanan and Noah Clayborne who have been featured in past Garwood novels. Here they are in a very sexy and highly entertaining tale. (From the Publisher: Random House Publishing Group)

Stalemate/ Iris Johansen

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Call number: FIC JOH

From the #1 New York Times bestselling author of Killer Dreams comes a terrifying new thriller that


will leave you guessing-and gasping-till the final nerve-racking page. The suspense begins with a phone call and leads forensic sculptor Eve Duncan to the trail of a killer even killers fear to face.
Eve Duncan has turned down the job twice already. Her skill and devotion in identifying murder victims and helping bring their killers to justice may be world-renowned. But Eve works exclusively for law enforcement and the families of the innocent, and the man on the other end of the phone is many things-none of them law-abiding or innocent. Read the rest of this entry »

New: World Folklore and Folklife Database

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Wfolklore.jpghat’s the story behind your name? What games did you play as a child? What’s your grandmother’s secret recipe, the neighborhood’s ghost story, or the joke that gets told at every family gathering?Folklore permeates the everyday lives of people around the world. We inherit a rich tradition of holidays, festivals, language, stories and fairy tales, proverbs, foodways, and folk remedies that define our society and our place within it. World Folklore and Folklife provides an exciting and accessible way to explore this vast and growing treasury of knowledge. To access click on the ‘World Folklore and Folklife ‘ link located in the right menu of the Virtual Library homepage. Read the rest of this entry »

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