April 5, 2007

Edible Book Festival 2007 Photoreport

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A lip-smacking good time was had by all at the first Edible Book Festival held in the library on April 3. The entries showed an amazing range of creativity, skill and enthusiasm. The enthusiasm was matched by the observers, who first got to share a cake and punch provided for the occasion, and then stood in line to sample the amazing creations that had been on display. Thank you to all of the participants who put so much effort into their culinary inventions, and to the many spectators who crowded the library to get a peek and taste. Everyone is already looking forward to next year!

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April 4, 2007

Lady Bugs / by Sue Waldek

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ladybugs.jpg ladybug.jpg

Sue created delicious colorful ladybugs made of yellow and red bell peppers crawling over the chewy petals to get to a cheese ball in the center.

Dog Bible: The Definitive Source for All Things Dog / by Sharon & Roger Hultquist

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The cauliflower poodle and strawberry dogs were enjoying their romp on the green coconut grass while banana dachshund peacefully naps beside them. These dogs were the healthiest dish around!

Tortilla Quilt / by Denise Jordan

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tortilla.jpg book_tortilla.jpg

The tortillas were appreciated during the lunch hour. People liked having a main dish in addition to desserts. And it disappeared first.

Raisin in the Sun / by Judy Jugloff

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raisin.jpg rasin-2.jpg

Judy, Ivy Tech’s cooking guru, made people return for another piece of her delicious Raisin in the Sun cake.

Go Eat Worms! / by Jon Puckett

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go-eat.jpg go-eat2.gif

Jon was serving fresh juicy worms out of the chocolate dirt and believe it or not people would come for more.

The Classics/ by Cynthia Grieser

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classics.jpg moby_dick_1998.gif

This dish was presented by the youngest participant Cynthia, the daughter of Gail Grieser, and she made it all on her own! Each cake was a page from the book: Moby Dick, Romeo & Juliet and more.

Reality Sandwiches / by Chrisitine Lussier

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reality.jpg ginsberg_reality_sandwich.gif

“A naked lunch is natural to us,

We eat Reality Sandwiches.

But allegories are so much lettuce.

Don’t hide the madness!”


Charoltte’s Web / by Kariann Polston

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web.jpg charlottes2.jpg

The perfect spider spun the perfect web on the perfect cake and caught the perfect attention of everyone passing by. What a trap!

Stars & Stripes Forever / by Linda Richardson

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start.jpg stars2.jpg

Linda’s wiggly take on a patriotic theme produced a flag good enough to eat!

Gone with the Wind / by Angel Moschel-Foster

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beans.jpg gone2.jpg

‘Gone with the Wind’ and Baked Beans-what is the connection? You figure that out!

Brittle Women / by Jen Traore

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brittle-women.jpg little-women.jpg

Cashew-Brittle Women flew out of the tray

We missed them right away

Too bad there were only four

But maybe next year there’ll be more!
(In honor of the poetry month)

Don’t Eat This Book! / by Carol Gibbs

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carol.jpg dont-eat.jpg

Everyone got a laugh out of the big yellow PAC Man getting ready to eat the poor defenseless book.

Moominland / by Ellie Lefand

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moominland.jpg moomin2.jpg

This matza page book was written by the world famous children author and illustrator Tove Jansson from Norway, which is not very well known in the USA.

Tell Tale Heart / Sarah Berndt

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heart1.jpg telltaleheart2.jpg

It was hard to cut that heart! It was so perfect in shape and so tasty inside.

Where the Wild Things Go / by Candace Detar

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wild.jpg where-the-wild-thing2.jpg

Candace, a culinary student, let her imagination go wild to create this monstrously wild face!

Dr. Seuss Green Eggs and Ham / by Heather Logan

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drseuss.jpg drseussgreen-eggs.jpg

Green eggs and ham have never been so appetizing as they were nestled on top of this culinary student’s interpretation of Dr. Seuss’s famous book. The leaning tower of the famous hat defied gravity.

Who Moved My Cheese? / By Tim Deming

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cheese1.jpg who-moved-cheese.jpg

Tim dared to answer the question: Who Moved My Cheese? Those of us lucky enough to work our way through the graham cracker maze were delighted to find his delicious answer: who cares who moved the cheese, we found it and it is a delicious lemony cheesecake.

Tutankhamun and The Golden Age of the Pharaohs / by Gaylord Gaines

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gaylord.jpg egyptology.jpg

Everyone was amazed by the Egyptian wonderland that Gaylord created: the gold pyramids shone down on the palm-tree laden oasis. Gaylord’s masterpiece was accompanied by a vibrant slideshow and beautiful woven Egyptian-themed tablecloth.