February 22, 2007

Comfort Care in Long-term Care DVD Series

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Comfort Care for Residents Receiving Life Prolonging Therapies
comfort-care.jpgented by: Debra Wertheimer, MD All too often, nursing staff assume that palliative care begins when life prolonging measures are no longer in place. However, all residents in long-term care should be receiving comfort care. Dr. Wertheimer leads a discussion with nursing assistants identifying the important role of the nursing assistant in reporting symptoms; pain management; and other comfort care measures. At bedside, Dr. Wertheimer and nursing assistants talk with residents receiving comfort care and find out how it has made a difference in their lives. Read the rest of this entry »


Dangers of Melanoma DVD

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Left untreated for too long, melanoma—almost always curable when treated early—bemelanoma.jpgcomes one of the deadliest of all cancers. This program from The Doctor Is In promotes sun exposure precautions and self-examinations as ways to lower risk of contracting and dying of melanoma, describes standard medical practices once melanoma is diagnosed, and investigates the ongoing research to find more effective treatments, including a cancer vaccine. Commentary is provided by oncologists, a dermatologist, and an epidemiologist, as well as by patients who have lived with melanoma. A Dartmouth-Hitchcock Medical Center Production. (29 minutes) (From the publisher Films for the Humanities & Sciences)

An Inconvenient Truth DVD

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Call number: QC 981.8 .G56 I53 2006

Director truth.jpgDavis Guggenheim eloquently weaves the science of global warming with Mr. Gore’s personal history and lifelong commitment to reversing the effects of global climate change. A longtime advocate for the environment, Gore presents a wide array of facts and information in a thoughtful and compelling way. “Al Gore strips his presentations of politics, laying out the facts for the audience to draw their own conclusions in a charming, funny and engaging style, and by the end has everyone on the edge of their seats, gripped by his haunting message,” said Guggenheim. Read the rest of this entry »

War Against Deadly Microbes and Lethal Viruses DVD

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Call number: RA 643 W37 2004

This deadly.jpgeye-opening program delves into humanity’s war with lethal microorganisms and viruses. Astoundingly detailed images by medical photographer Lennart Nilsson illuminate how microbes attack the body and how our immune systems defend it. Reenactments of remarkable medical discoveries—penicillin, blood groups, methods of malaria control, and the polio vaccine—are portrayed, and cutting-edge stem cell research is discussed. The rapid speed with which the SARS virus spread around the globe is also investigated. Leading immunologist Robert Gallo urges awareness to prevent these mounting threats…AIDS and SARS will not be the last new diseases to endanger humans. (54 minutes) (From the publisher Films for the Humanities & Sciences )

Special Considerations for the Young Nursing Home Resident DVD Series

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Understanding Me: The Younger Resident’s Perspective

Residents 20-45 years old with chronic conditions and permanent disabilities speak out for nursing-home.jpgthe first time about their lives in long-term care. Expectations, dreams, and life plans have disappeared. The promise of work, relationships and an active life have been taken from them. These young residents talk about their frustration, anger, and attempts to readjust to the world of long-term care. Dealing with an environment developed for older individuals, they talk about their daily quest for relevance and respect. Resident interviews. Read the rest of this entry »

Group Influence VHS

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Call number: HM1176 .G76 2001

Thmilgram.jpgis video examines the ways in which groups influence individual behavior. Examining the Asch studies,  it discusses individuality, group think, deindividuation, the bystander effect, diffusion of responsibility, altruism, prosocial behavior, and reciprocity. (From the publisher Insight Media)

February 1, 2007

Sales Essential Series with Fern Bratten 3 DVDs

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Fern Brsales1.jpgatten knows a lot about sales – she has been in the sales business for many years. Now she has put her experience as a motivational speaker, salesperson, and stand-up comedienne into the training program, Selling With Passion. Fern tells the hysterical story of how she got her start as a sales professional. Throughout her presentation, you will learn how to bring creativity, enthusiasm and passion to the job of selling. Selling with Passion will motivate your sales people – and more importantly, it will give salespeople a solid foundation to succeed.

Crank: Made in America DVD

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The number one drug problem in rural America, methamphetamine, or “crank,” is cheap, easy to drugs.JPGmake, and has the lowest recovery rate for addicts. By looking at a number of people in Iowa—even whole families—who are struggling with methamphetamine, this program lays bare the drug’s tragic effects. Chilling computer graphics illustrate how the drug works on the brain. Dr. David Musto of Yale University discusses the history of “crank,” and Asa Hutchinson, director of the Drug Enforcement Agency, explains its wildfire spread in rural areas. Contains offensive language. Some content may be objectionable. An HBO Production. (56 minutes)(From the publisher: Films Media Group)

Treasures of Athens and Olympia: Greek Art through the Ages DVD

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 Traking number: 683GE
With sumptuous footage, an authentic musical soundtrack, and commentary from le


ading experts in classical art and culture, this beautifully crafted three-part series provides a detailed guide to the treasures of Greece’s foremost city and its surroundings. Paintings, sculptures, ceramics, and architectural spectacles create a visual framework in which

Greek culture, and its impact in the wider world, can be comprehended and appreciated. 3-part series, 24-25 minutes each. (From the publisher: Films Media Group )

Cyber Rome DVD

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Tracking number: 686 GE

Relive the splendor of ancient Rome through the magic of virtual reality. Who among us hacyber.jpgs never dreamed of going back in time and reliving the splendor of the Classical era—ancient Rome, perhaps. Now, through the magic of virtual reality and three-dimensional computer graphics, viewers can take an unforgettable tour of the monuments of Rome circa AD 200. Buildings visited include the Colosseum, the Basilica Di Massenzio, the Tabularium, the Basilica Giulia, the Curia, the Tempio Di Vesta, the Casa Delle Vestali, the Tempio Di Marte Ultore, Traiano’s Column, the Basilica Ulpia, the Tempio Di Venere E Roma, and the Palatino, where legend says Romolo built the first wall about the city. The history, secrets, art, and curiosities of these architectural marvels are provided at each stop on the tour. (39 minutes) (From the publisher Films Media Group)

Beyond the Classical: Byzantine and Later Greek Art DVD

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Tracking number: 684GE

Far from disappearing after the Hellenistic age, Greek art flourished with the rise of Christianity andbeyond.jpg the Orthodox church. This program explores the development of icon painting, the influence of Greek artists on later European movements, and the advent of neoclassical architecture as a manifestation of age-old cultural legacy. With historical context from the conversion of Constantine through Greece’s post-WWII development period, Beyond the Classical provides a double portrait of a national art movement that has drawn on its own roots to reinvent itself, and set of aesthetic principles that have shaped societies around the world. (25 minutes) (From the publisher: Films Media Group)

Measure of All Things: Greek Art and the Human Figure DVD

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This program studies cultural transformations that began in the fifth century BC as Greek art dimeasure.jpgscarded religious functions and moved toward human-centered concerns. Views of Cycladic sculpture and Koiros statues demonstrate an evolving realism, leading to stunning examples of the idealized human figure: the Kritios boy, the Temple of Zeus pediments, Praxiteles’ Hermes, and others. With additional focus on the Olympic games, their architecture, and painted Greek pottery—which spread sensual imagery as well as goods—The Measure of All Things evokes ancient obsessions with the body, and humanity’s place in nature, that are alive and well today. (24 minutes) (From the publisher: Flims Media Group)

January 1, 2007

Pathways to Lifelong Learning: Technology in the Classroom Video & DVD

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Tracking number: 15PD & 16PD

Helps teachers integrate technology into their classrooms while identifying the advantpathway.jpgages of using computers and technology as teaching and learning tools. Connect with real-world resources to provide students with concrete learning examples and life skills training. This series encourages educators to reflect on their teaching methods, looking beyond the classroom for tools to help them build innovative lesson plans, alternative assessments, and unique learning experiences. Interviews with teachers, education specialists, parents, and professionals outline ideas for creating life skills learning opportunities, giving educators valuable practical applications for their lessons and classes. (from www.clearvue.com)

Lifting the Lid: How Computers Work DVD

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Call number: QA 76.5 .L54 2002

Most cocomputer.jpgmputer users are familiar with terms such as chips, hard drives, and RAM, but what exactly is a chip and what does it do? What does a hard drive look like and how does it work? With helpful graphics and a lively presentation, this informative, entertaining program goes inside today’s typical computer to look at the functions of its main components. Close-up visuals show the inner workings of the hard disc drive, while clever demonstrations make concepts such as memory, binary coding, and RAM easy to understand. Convenient summaries follow each section of new material. One 32-minute video. (From the publisher: Films for the Humanities & Sciences)

E-Mail Etiquette DVD

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There is little doubt that e-mail is an extremely useful innovation that has changed, and continueemail.jpgs to change, the way we communicate. However, the fact that e-mail is different from both voice- and paper-based communication can be a source of frustration for many people. This program gives viewers an understanding of the conventions that have been developed by e-mail users over the years to facilitate effective communication. In addition, the video exposes many of the myths that exist regarding such issues as e-mail privacy, and warns of possible dangers when using e-mail. Read the rest of this entry »

The “In” Crowd and Social Cruelty DVD

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Call number: HQ 799.2 .P44 I6 2002

What does it take to be popular? Quite often it has nothing to do with being nice. In this ABC News special, correspondent John Stossel visits middle anin1.jpgd high schools to discover why kids dish out abuse, why they take it, and what parents and school administrators can do to make it better. He also visits schools with successful anti-bullying programs. Discussions with students, as well as with psychologist Michael Thompson, author of Best Friends, Worst Enemies, reveal a number of factors that cause popularity or unpopularity among children, adolescents, and even adults. (41 minutes) (From the publisher Films for the Humanities & Sciences)

November 1, 2006

Body Story 3 DVD set

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Crbody.jpgawl beneath your own skin for a scientific look at the inner-workings of the human body. The latest research in biology, anatomy and physiology is combined with eye-popping imagery to explore everything from puberty to food poisoning – from the inside out.

Body Snatchers
Go inside the bodies of two women whose natural systems each must deal with foreign organisms trying to control its host: a flu virus and a growing fetus. The body’s reaction to and changes from each “invader” are truly remarkable. Read the rest of this entry »

Evolution 4 DVD Set

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Tracking number: 644GE-647GE

The PBevolution.jpgS series on “Evolution” is as much about the profound impact the evolutionary process has had on our understanding of the world around us as it is on the various versions of the theory that have been expounded in scientific textbooks for the past century. The series basically focuses on five key concepts regarding evolution, sandwiched between episodes that constitute a dramatic introduction and a controversial coda:

  • The Mind’s Big Bang” and “What About God?
  • Evolutionary Arms Race/Why Sex?
  • Great Transformations/Extinction!
  • Darwin’s Dangerous Idea

(From http://www.amazon.com)

Contracts Without Consequences: Voidable, Unenforceable, and Void DVD

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Tracking number: 640GE

Econtract11.jpgxamining rescission and the factors that make a contract invalid, illegal, or unenforceable, this program visits the Honey Sanders Agency. It also considers a business owner’s use of a noncompetition clause to protect her hair salon. (From the publisher Insight Media)

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