February 22, 2007

The Edible Books Festival

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To participate, please fill out the Registration form available both in the Library and through the Edible Book Festival link on the Virtual Library, www.ivytech.edu/library/fortwayne. Registration forms must be turned in it to Jen Traore, the Libtastes-like-chicken.jpgrary Tutor, by Tuesday March 13.

Want to show off your creative cooking skills? Ivy Tech’s Edible Book Festival will take place on Tuesday, April 3 in the hallway outside the Library.

Edible books will be on display for public viewing from 12pm-1pm, then consumed by attendees from 1pm-2pm.

Turn your fantasies into edible art! Watch the videos on the right, explore this incrEdible Book Gallery , get ideas and recipes from the the new books and old time favorites on edible food art below:


Kid’s Cookies: Scrumptious Recipes for Bakers Ages 9 to 13 / Susan Manlin Katzman

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Call numbekids.jpgr:TX772 .K38 1998

Presents instructions for making a variety of cookies, including iced buttery cutouts, chocolate chip cookies, double-fudge brownies, and jelly thumbprints. (From http://www.amazon.com)

Garnishing/ Francis T. Lynch

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Call number: TX652 .L95 1987

Agarnishing.jpg great chef shares his professional secrets for exciting and attractive garnishes and food sculptures. Covers all aspects of formal food presentation, including how to draw, sculpt and build with fruit and vegetables, lay out a buffet table, arrange food on platters, chocolate artistry and more. Full-color photographs. (From www.buy.com)

Colette’s Wedding Cakes/ Colette Peters

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wedding.jpgCall Number: TX771.2 .P48 1995

Colette Peters’s one-of-a-kind wedding cakes for which she charges hundreds, sometimes thousands of dollars have made her America’s most sought-after culinary artist. Now, with this dazzling cookbook, brides-and-grooms-to-be can bake their own Colette’s wedding cake or commission a professional baker to follow one of Colette’s designs. Read the rest of this entry »

Cooking Art: Easy Edible Art for Young Children /

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Call number: TX661 .K65 1997

With Cooking Arcooking-art.jpgt: Easy Edible Art For Young Children 3 to 8 year olds will create edible masterpieces. And they will love serving these healthy and nutritional beverages, salads, sandwiches, entrees, and desserts to friends and family. Child-readable icons make choosing recipes and following steps easy. Great for beginning cooks, there are 89 activities that require no baking, 64 activities that use 5 ingredients or less, 25 activities the require only 10 to 15 minutes to prepare. Read the rest of this entry »

Designer Desserts / Philippe Durand

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Call number: TX773 .D825 1996

From master padesserts.jpgstry chef, Philippe Durand, here are recipes for 70 devilishly delectable plated desserts and dozens of magnificent ideas for decorating with fruits, chocolate, cooked sugar, sauces, glazes, cookies and pastries. For easy reference, the recipes are organized by main ingredient, such as Fresh Fruits, Nuts and Chocolate. Featuring 600 color photographs and 10 exquisite watercolors, this volume is a valuable resource for dessert lovers and a rich confection for the eyes. (From the publisher John Wiley & Sons)

The Whimsical Bakehouse: Fun-To-Make Cakes That Taste as Good as They Look! / Hansen Kaye

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Call number: TX771.2 .H35 2002

Threlook.jpge neon-bright layers of cake, tilted at a jaunty angle and adorned with edible chocolate candles; a Jackson Pollock–inspired cheesecake spattered with chocolate, caramel, and peanut butter icing; and a swarm of plump bees perched atop a rainbow of candy-colored cupcakes—these are only a few examples of the unfettered creativity at work at the Riviera Bakehouse. There, mother-daughter bakers Kaye and Liv Hansen turn out some of the most charming, refreshingly eccentric cakes ever to grace a birthday or wedding celebration. Read the rest of this entry »

Edible art : tricks & tools for master centerpieces from carved vegetables / Narahenapitage Sumith Premalal de Costa

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Call number: TX871 .N37 2006

Sculpture created from fruits and vegetables will challenge you, and amaze your gedible.gifuests. Simple techniques and tools make it possible to create absolutely stunning centerpieces that will be the talk of the party. Butterflies and rosebuds from colorful beets, carrots, and radishes are easily crafted. Elaborate melon lanterns and “flower” filled vases are crafted step-by-step in pictures, making it easy for you to follow the directions. Twenty-five splendid projects promise to delight dinner guests, and gratify their maker. An inexpensive hobby, food sculpture becomes a priceless addition to any table setting. This book will show you how to create imaginative centerpieces like a pro. (By the publisher: Schiffer Publishing, Ltd.)

Colette’s Birthday Cakes / Colette Peters

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Call number: TX771 .P47 1991

A cacolette.jpgke is de rigeur for any American birthday celebration worthy of the name. Continuing her series of volumes pictorializing her sumptuous cakes, Peters brings her decorative skills to cakes designed specifically for birthday observances. And anyone receiving a cake like one of Peters’ creations should be particularly grateful. Peters’ skill with milled fondant overshadows that of most other professional bakers. She can carve fondant into tight, sharp geometries, or she can swirl it, fold it, and wave it into silken ruffles and curves that belie its solidity. Read the rest of this entry »

Decorating with a Paper Cone / Alain Buys

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Call Number: TX771.2 .B89 1996

In tcone.gifhis step-by-step guide, foremost French pastry chefs Buys and Decluzeau show readers how to use paper cones to decorate cakes, pastries, desserts and a wide range of other foods with panache. Beginning with simple dots, lines and strokes, they advance one step at a time to magnificently large and complex constructions. (From the publisher John Wiley & Sons)

Colette’s cakes : the Art of Cake Decorating / Colette Peters

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Call number: TX771 .P47 1991

Peters art-of-cake.jpgis an artist and former Tiffany’s designer turned cake decorator extraordinaire. Here she presents detailed instructions, accompanied by line drawings and color photographs, of three dozen of her elaborate creations. Her collection is somewhat more sophisticated than Greg Robinson and Max Schofield’s The Icing on the Cake, and cake bakers with lots of patience should find it inspiring. (Copyright 1991 Reed Business Information, Inc. )

Comfort Care in Long-term Care DVD Series

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Tracking number: 666H-668H

Comfort Care for Residents Receiving Life Prolonging Therapies
comfort-care.jpgented by: Debra Wertheimer, MD All too often, nursing staff assume that palliative care begins when life prolonging measures are no longer in place. However, all residents in long-term care should be receiving comfort care. Dr. Wertheimer leads a discussion with nursing assistants identifying the important role of the nursing assistant in reporting symptoms; pain management; and other comfort care measures. At bedside, Dr. Wertheimer and nursing assistants talk with residents receiving comfort care and find out how it has made a difference in their lives. Read the rest of this entry »

Dangers of Melanoma DVD

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Tracking number: 659 H

Left untreated for too long, melanoma—almost always curable when treated early—bemelanoma.jpgcomes one of the deadliest of all cancers. This program from The Doctor Is In promotes sun exposure precautions and self-examinations as ways to lower risk of contracting and dying of melanoma, describes standard medical practices once melanoma is diagnosed, and investigates the ongoing research to find more effective treatments, including a cancer vaccine. Commentary is provided by oncologists, a dermatologist, and an epidemiologist, as well as by patients who have lived with melanoma. A Dartmouth-Hitchcock Medical Center Production. (29 minutes) (From the publisher Films for the Humanities & Sciences)

An Inconvenient Truth DVD

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Call number: QC 981.8 .G56 I53 2006

Director truth.jpgDavis Guggenheim eloquently weaves the science of global warming with Mr. Gore’s personal history and lifelong commitment to reversing the effects of global climate change. A longtime advocate for the environment, Gore presents a wide array of facts and information in a thoughtful and compelling way. “Al Gore strips his presentations of politics, laying out the facts for the audience to draw their own conclusions in a charming, funny and engaging style, and by the end has everyone on the edge of their seats, gripped by his haunting message,” said Guggenheim. Read the rest of this entry »

War Against Deadly Microbes and Lethal Viruses DVD

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Call number: RA 643 W37 2004

This deadly.jpgeye-opening program delves into humanity’s war with lethal microorganisms and viruses. Astoundingly detailed images by medical photographer Lennart Nilsson illuminate how microbes attack the body and how our immune systems defend it. Reenactments of remarkable medical discoveries—penicillin, blood groups, methods of malaria control, and the polio vaccine—are portrayed, and cutting-edge stem cell research is discussed. The rapid speed with which the SARS virus spread around the globe is also investigated. Leading immunologist Robert Gallo urges awareness to prevent these mounting threats…AIDS and SARS will not be the last new diseases to endanger humans. (54 minutes) (From the publisher Films for the Humanities & Sciences )

What’s New in ARTstor

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Images from Lichtenstein Foundation and Estate
ARTstor is excited to announce that the first set of images from the Roy Lichtenstein Foundation and Estate have been added to the ARTstor Digital Library. These images span a range of periods over the artist’s life and include many of his most well known works. To browse these new ARTstor images, click on “Image Gallery” on the ARTstor “welcome page” and then select “Individual Artists and Estates: Roy Lichtenstein” or simply search the keyword “Lichtenstein.”

Italiapainting.jpgn Renaissance Painting from the Foto Reali Archive
The Foto Reali Archive, one of the most important photographic archives belonging to the National Gallery of Art Library’s Department of Image Collections, is now available to ARTstor users. Foto Reali was a Florentine photographic firm that surveyed private art collections as well as dealer inventories in Italy in the early twentieth century, often photographing the paintings in situ.

Medieval French Architecture and American Architecture from the Clarence Ward Archive
The Clarence Ward Archive richly documents Romanesque and Gothic architecture in France and selectively documents American architecture from Colonial times through the early 20th century. ARTstor has digitized the ca. 4,000 large format nitrate negatives and is now distributing them through the ARTstor Digital Library.

Special Considerations for the Young Nursing Home Resident DVD Series

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Tracking number: 663H-665H

Understanding Me: The Younger Resident’s Perspective

Residents 20-45 years old with chronic conditions and permanent disabilities speak out for nursing-home.jpgthe first time about their lives in long-term care. Expectations, dreams, and life plans have disappeared. The promise of work, relationships and an active life have been taken from them. These young residents talk about their frustration, anger, and attempts to readjust to the world of long-term care. Dealing with an environment developed for older individuals, they talk about their daily quest for relevance and respect. Resident interviews. Read the rest of this entry »

NEW! EBSCO’s Biomedical Reference Collection

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EBbiomedical.jpgSCO’s Biomedical Reference Collection™: Comprehensive Edition (BRCC) is now the world’s largest database of full text journals indexed in MEDLINE®. The collection now provides access to nearly 800 full text journals abstracted in MEDLINE and more than 90 percent of those titles come with PDFs. Major recent additions include Angiology, CHEST, Journal of Bone & Joint Surgery, Journal of Family Practice, etc. The product contains deep PDF backfiles for many titles, such as Annals of Internal Medicine back to 1960, etc. You can access EBSCO’s Biomedical Reference Collection from the library’s home page: http://www.ivytech.edu/library/fortwayne/

Group Influence VHS

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Call number: HM1176 .G76 2001

Thmilgram.jpgis video examines the ways in which groups influence individual behavior. Examining the Asch studies,  it discusses individuality, group think, deindividuation, the bystander effect, diffusion of responsibility, altruism, prosocial behavior, and reciprocity. (From the publisher Insight Media)

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